The Brain Lunch Connection!


Can it be diet time again so soon? I can’t believe it. How do they come around again so quickly? I just started one last week!!!


That’s the thing, starting them is really tough enough. But starting them again and again is enough to kill you. Sure I get it- if you could stay on one, you wouldn’t have to start again. But don’t blame me – they keep re-opening the supermarkets, and pizza shops, etc., every single day. And now they even have 24 hour a day kosher stores. How’s a person to find success?!



I’m thinking of getting my jaws wired shut. But I can just see myself stocking up on straws and jzajzing everything right down to purée form to get around that!



Summer is different! You eat, you go to the boardwalk. You eat, you play tennis. You eat, you go bike riding. Winter- now there’s the problem. You eat, you say it’s cold out. …. You eat, you watch the snow fall!


And these early shabbasim……they really sabotage you. You eat a whole long Friday night meal!  Then finish all the shabbas meals by 4:10pm on Saturday. And then the early sundown provides a very lengthy Saturday night to go out and eat again. Yes, I know I don’t have to do this. But who’s telling my esophagus that?!


It would be nice if sumo wrestling became a thing in our community, then looking ‘healthily nourished’ could be in! Those Japanese sure had an epiphany there!


So, here I am with another Monday morning to face, and a cottage cheese container boldly held in my hand. But, already, I’ve been offered a Duncan donut, chocolate kisses, and a mini muffin. How strong can I be expected to be? So far I’ve resisted. But the day is young. And I need to stay focused for a full week just to lose 1lb. Why does it take no discipline at all to gain a pound, yet, take absolute discipline to lose a pound? Isn’t weight weight? There must be something I missed in physics operating here.


I’ve been thinking of booking a flight to Israel. You may be wondering where that came from. No, it’s not some sudden spiritual blip that needs nurturing.  I just thought it can add to my success, cause when I get there I will already have been on a diet for 2 days! That might seem extreme but I’m just looking for ideas to move more rapidly toward my goal.


Does this speak to many of you? Then I wish I had some learned wisdom to share with you.  Sure nutritionists help, joining a gym helps, not bringing high calorie foods into the house helps. But to really get to the answer to how to stay committed, there’s got to be some solid brain work involved.


What do I mean? A decision must be made at the level of your mind!


You need to ask yourself:  Can I hold on to the fact that eating the right thing is more important than anything else for me? Or do I want to just forget about dieting -or Lastly, do I want to keep starting again and again?


I’d say if you’re like me – my brain does all 3. It says I can do this. Then I’ll decide forget about it. And then I start over and over again. From this I’m sure you can see that my brainwork leaves much to be desired. The level of commitment fluctuates.


I’d say my brain is just out to lunch!!!  Hey, I guess that explains why I always have food on my mind!!!





Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or<

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