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Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Dovid Moskowitz on the birth of a baby girl.


Congratulations to Dr. & Mrs. Chaim Ehrlich upon the birth of a grandson to their children Rachel and Evan Genachowski


Congratulations to Chaim and Shani Hollander on the birth of their daughter.




  Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  8/17/15 Congratulations to Shoshana and Shaya Hirschman on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Yehoshua.
  Areas of Attraction
American Merchant Marine Museum - (516)773-5515
  300 Steamboat Road, Kings Point (516)773-5520
  Arena Players - 296 Route 109, East Farmingdale(516)293-0674
  Birdsall House - 1682 Old Mill Road, Wantagh
  Cedarmere - 225 Bryant Avenue, Roslyn Harbor(516)571-8130
  Centennial Gardens & Bird Sanctuary - Floral Blvd & Raff Avenue, Floral Park
  Community Arts Council of the South Shore - Valley Stream. (516)385-3890
  Cow Meadow Park & PreserveFreeport
  Cradle of Aviation Museum - 1 Davis Avenue, Garden City (516)572-4111
  Dodge House - 58 Harbor Road, Port Washington (516)767-3970
  East Rockaway Grist Mill Museum - (516)593-4459
  Woods & Atlantic Avenue, East Rockaway (516)887-6300
  Freeport Historical Society & Museum - 350 S. Main Street, Freeport (516)623-9632
  Hicksville Gregory Museum - Heitz Plaza, Hicksville(516)822-7505
  Hillwood Art Museum - 720 Northern Boulevard, Brookville (516)299-4073
  Jackson House - 1542 Wantagh Avenue, Wantagh
  Jerusalem Schoolhouse - Old Jerusalem Rd &Wantagh Avenue, Wantagh
  Lawrence House - 1880 Old Mill Road, Wantagh
  Long Island Children's Museum - 11 Davis Avenue, Garden City (516)224-5800
  Long Island Marine Education Center - 202 Woodcleft Avenue, Freeport (516)771-0399
  Long Island Studies Institute W Campus Library - 619 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead (516)463-6407
  Marine Nature Study Area - Slice Drive, Oceanside (516)766-1580
  Nassau County Firefighters Museum - 1 Davis Avenue, Garden City
  Old Westbury Gardens - 71 Old Westbury Road, Old Westbury (516)333-0048
  Pagan-Fletcher Restoration - 143 Hendrickson Avenue, Valley Stream (516)872-4159
  Phillips House of the Village of Rockville Centre -
28 Hempstead Avenue, Rockville Centre (516)764-7459
  Rock Hall-Town of Hempstead Museum - 199 Broadway, Lawrence (516)239-1157
  Tackapausha Museum & Preserve - Washington Avenue, Seaford (516)571-7443
  Tanglewood Preserve - Tanglewood Road, Lakeview
  Twin Lakes Preserve - Old Mill Road, Wantagh (516)431-9200
  Westbury Music Fair - 960 Brush Hollow Road, Westbury Tickets: (631)888-9000Tickets: (212)307-7171Concert Line: (516)334-0800
  Lost & Found
  1/7/2011 A Talis was found on Clubhouse road last shabbos (1/1) please contact the Young Israel of Woodmere office for more information



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Funeral & Shiva Notices

Shiva Etiquette: Unless attending davening services, visitors should not attend before 10am and should arrive no later than 9pm. It is customary that the visitor not speak unless spoken to and should gear conversation to that of mourner. At the end of a shiva visit, it is customary to say: Hamakom Yinachem Etchem B'toch Sh'ar Aveilei Zion V'Yerushalayim or May G-d comfort you among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
This list is in honor of a devoted teacher and professor, who enlightens the world with her moral imperative, concentrating on Mitzvot bein Adam L'chavero.


We regret to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Lea Hoffert a”h, mother of Sidney HOffert and HALB grandparent Barbara Deutsch, mother-in-law of DRS faculty member Bob Deutsch, grandmother of HALB parent Dov Deutsch, and great grandmother of Elly (DRS '13), Jakob (DRS 12th grade), Yoav (DRS 12th grade) and Ayelet (SKA 9th grade).

The levaya will take place tomorrow morning, Friday, May 27, at 9:00AM at Boulevard-Riverside Chapel, 1450 Broadway in Hewlett

Shiva will be observed at the home of Sydney Hoffert at 113 Elm Street in Woodmere until Thursdaymorning.5/27/16






We regret to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Lea Hoffert a”h, mother of HALB grandparent Barbara Deutsch, mother-in-law of DRS faculty member Bob Deutsch, grandmother of HALB parent Dov Deutsch, and great grandmother of Elly (DRS '13), Jakob (DRS 12th grade), Yoav (DRS 12th grade) and Ayelet (SKA 9th grade).

The levaya will take place tomorrow morning, Friday, May 27, at 9:00AM at Boulevard-Riverside Chapel, 1450 Broadway in Hewlett

Shiva will be observed at the home of Sydney Hoffert at 113 Elm Street in Woodmere until Thursday morning.



With profound sorrow  
we record the passing of 


Joan Boriss z"l,  

 mother of esteemed former parent
Ellen Getreu, and grandmother of
Beth Getreu Hazan('99), Adam Getreu ('02)
and David Getreu  ('06).

There will be a graveside service on
Thursday, May 26th, at 10:30 a.m.
 at the Old Montefiore Cemetery, 121-83 Springfield Blvd.,
Springfield Gardens, Queens.
Shiva will be observed at the Getreu residence,
355 Eastwood Road, Woodmere,
 until Wednesday morning, June 1st.




We regret to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Rosa Bondar a”h, mother of HALB parent Dov Bondar, and grandmother of Miriam (HALB 3rd grade) and David (HALB 2nd grade).

The levaya has already taken place.

Shiva is being observed at 168 Ardmore Avenue in Staten Island until Tuesday morning, May 31.



With profound sorrow  
we record the passing of 
esteemed former parent,
grandparent and great-grandparent,

Marion Sturm z"l,   
 mother of esteemed alumni, 
Ava Sturm Strauss (HILI '68, former parent
and current grandparent),
Shaya Sturm (HILI '69, former parent, President
and Chairman of the Board of HAFTR),
Jay Sturm (HILI '73) and Joel Sturm (HILI '75),
grandmother of Erica Strauss (HAFTR HS '93),
 Stefanie Strauss Small  (HAFTR HS '95),
 Justin Strauss (HAFTR HS '00), 
  Elana Sturm Szafranski  (HAFTR ES '92, HS '96)
Allison Sturm Miller (HAFTR ES '96, HS '00)
Jonathan Sturm (HAFTR ES '02, HS '06).
Great-Grandmother of current HAFTR students,
Zachary Strauss and Nora Strauss.
The funeral will take place today May 25th
at Boulevard Funeral Home in Hewlett
at 1:00 p.m.

Shiva will be observed at the Sturm residence,
562 Rica Lane, Woodmere
until Tuesday morning, May 31st.




We regret to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Carol Pearlman a”h,former HALB parent, beloved wife of Harvey, and mother of Zavel a"h (DRS '03) and Shira (SKA '06).

The levaya will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, at 9:00AM at the  Boulevard-Riverside Chapel, 1450 Broadway in Hewlett.

Shiva will be observed at the Pearlman residence at 845 Jefferson Street in Woodmere until Friday, May 27, at 1:00PM.

Shiva will continue at the Jacobs residence at 251 Crafton Avenue in Staten Island from Saturday night, May 28, through Monday night, May30.  The phone number is 718-494-3636.

Shiva will conclude at the Pearlman residence at 845 Jefferson Street in Woodmere on Tuesday morning, May 31, after shacharis.



With profound sorrow, we record the passing of Arlene Zeiler, aleha hashalom, beloved mother of Nathan Zeiler.
The funeral has taken place.
Shiva is being observed at the Zeiler residence, 629 Derby Avenue, Woodmere, until Friday afternoon, May 27th.








With profound sorrow, we record the passing of Sue Appelstein, aleha hashalom, beloved mother of Sybil Feder.
Shiva will be observed at the Appelstein residence, 130-21 236th Street, Laurelton, NY  11422, until Friday afternoon, May 27th.
The family requests that shiva visits take place on Monday - Thursday from 9:00am - 9:30pm and on Friday from 9:00am - 3:30pm.




 With profound sorrow  
we record the passing of

Arlene Zeiler, z"l, 

 beloved mother of Lisa Yikiel,
High School faculty member.
Shiva is being observed at
the Yikiel residence
629 Derby Avenue, Woodmere
until Friday afternoon, May 20th.

Shiva Hours:
Monday-Thursday ---10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
                                      5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Friday--------------------10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.





We regret to inform you of the passing of Esther 
Shaindel Richmond A"H, beloved mother of Rabbi 
Shaya Richmond. The funeral was today May 23rd in Phoenix, Arizona.
Rabbi Richmond will be sitting shiva in his house 325 Edward Avenue, 
Woodmere beginning Tuesday, May 24th through Sunday morning, May 29th.




We announce with sorrow the passing of 
Reverend Israel Flaum, a"h
beloved father of Rabbi Tzvi Flaum,
our esteemed former Rabbi.

Shiva will be observed at:
1 Andover Lane, Lawrence
through Friday afternoon.





With profound sorrow, we record the passing of Leila Perlmutter,beloved wife of Alfred Perlmutter, and beloved mother of Zev, Reyna and Dann.
Shiva is being observed in Jerusalem until Friday afternoon, May 20th. The phone number is 011-972-2-566-0285.





Please say Tehillim for:


• Aaron Moshe ben Esther Malka
• Aaron Tzvi ben Miriam
Adam ben Eva
• Aharon Eliyahu ben Hinda
Aharon Menachem Mendle ben Chaya
• Ahuva bas Hinda
  Ahuva bas Tema            
• Aidel bas Gittel
• Aidel Chaya Bas Gittel
• Aidel bas Tzivya
• Aitan ben Tzivia
• Akiva Shamai ben Ahava Rivka
• Aliyav Ezra ben Chaya Gittel
• Aliza bas Cheftzi
• Aliza Chaya bat Sarah Frayda
• Alta Sorah Etel bas Hinda
• Alter Shimon Yechezkel ben Rochel Chana
• Alter Chanoch Henoch ben Elana Yocheved
• Amalia Shoshana Chaya bas Keren Liat
• Amiad Nissim ben Sara Fruma
• Amichai ben Devorah
• Amit Yehudah ben Malka
• Ari Dov Ber Halevi ben Chana Hendel
• Ariel Leib ben Nechama
• Arik Ariel Chaim ben Vera
• Aryeh ben Bracha
• Asaf ben Serach
• Asher Ben Gohar Sarah
• Asher Zelig ben Chana Malka,
• Atalya Batyah bas Sima Rachel
• Avichai Matanya ben Rina Shulamis
• Avigdor Chai Avraham ben Rachel Leah
• Aviva Chaya bat Chana Devora
Avraham Yecheskiel ben Sara
• Avraham ben Chaya Liba
• Avraham ben Leah
• Avraham ben Rivka           
• Avraham Kadmiel Nachson ben Sora
• Avraham Moshe ben Breina
• Avraham Yeshaya ben Aviva        
• Avraham Yerachmiel ben Zlata Golda
• Avraham Yisrael ben Sara
• Avraham Yitschak ben Tzivya Chaya
• Avraham Zev ben Elka
• Avrohom ben Baila Rochel
• Avrohom Shmuel ben Shaindel
• Avrum Menachem ben Fraida Gittel
• Ayala bas Ruth
• Ayelet Ariella bas Rochel Afat Shoshana
• Ayelet Yakira bas Chaya Hindel Matel Nechama
• Barak Nachman ben Aviva
• Baruch Ben Dorit
• Baruch Ben Rus
• Baruch Mordechai ben Tessel
• Baruch Yonah ben Yitkah
• Basha bat Mirel
• Basha Leah bat Tsivya Chaya
• Batya bat Rachel
Batya Sara bas Chasida
• Batya Shira bat Chasida
• Ben Tzion Klonimus Chaim ben Leah Rachel.
Ben Esther Nicha
• Ben Zion Pinyon ben Nesha
• Benyamin Avraham ben Chaya Sura

• Benyamin ben Chana

• Benyamin ben Shifra
• Benyamin Yosef ben Chya Sura   
• Berel Ben Rachel
• Berel Ben Yenta
• Bina bat Sheindel
• Binyamin Ben Sarah
• Binyamin Yehoshua ben Miriam Gittel
• Binyamin Avraham ben Michal Rivka
• Binyamin Zev HaCohen ben Sharrone Rivka
• Binyomin ben Itta Ettil.
• Reb. Bluma Charna bat Pessel
• Boris Ben Eelaina
• Boruch ben Chasya Rivka
• Boruch Yonah ben Itka
• Bracha bas Hilda
• Bracha Leba bas Chaya Raizel
• Brochah Chanah Bas Sarah
•  Brucha Henya bas Hanna Fayga
• Chaim ben Chana
• Chaim ben Rivka
• Chaim Binyomin ben Baila 
• Chaim Dovid ben Leah
• Chaim Dovid ben Rivka                             
• Chaim Eliezer ben Dvori
• Chaim Issachar ben Chaya Mushkit
• Chaim Pinchas Gershon ben Sara Fruma
• Chaim Reuvain Dovid ben Chava Leah
Chaim Yaakov ben Malka
Chaim Yechiel ben Malka
• Chana Audil bas Malka
• Chana bas Blima Chana
• Chana bas Esther Blima
• Chana Bas Faiga
• Chana bat Rachal Leah
• Chana Bat Tzipporah
• Chana Beila bat Bina
• Chana Beila bat Elka       
• Chana Brocha bat Miriam
• Chana Sara bas Naomi
• Chana Toba bas Rivka Blima (Kallah)
• Chana Tziporah bas Elka Breindel
• Chanah Kraindel bas Alte Yehudis Faigah  
• Chanah Tovah bas Sarah
• Chanan Yisrael Ben Freida
Chaim Shlomo ben Gisha
• Chaninya Eliezer ben Rachel Sarai
• Chaha Esther bas Aidel
• Chasya Bas Chaya Sarah
• Chava bat Esther
• Chava Ruchel Bas Tzipporah
• Chava Yenta bas Hujah
• Chava Sarah bas Chana         
Chayaminna bat Devorah
• Chaya Aidel bas Gittel
• Chaya bat Rosa
• Chaya Brocha Miriam Shira bas Mira
• Chaya Chana Bat Esther
• Chaya Esther bas Feiga Yenta
• Chaya Gittel bas Chana
• Chaya Gittel bas Tzivya
• Chaya Malka bat Leah Frimit
• Chaya Meira Mindel bat Chava Golda
• Chaya Rachel bas Sime Esther
• Chaya Sarah bas Pesha
• Chayeh Gittel bas Raizel Maryam
• Chizkiyahu Yisroel ben Sara
• Dafna Bas Dina Malka
• Daniel Dov ben Rashka
• Daniel Lazar ben Tina Taabel Leah
• Danielle Tamar bat Shayna Gittel
• Daniella Chana bas Sarah
• David Melech ben Sosha
• David Mordechai Ben Zelda Tsofia
• David Yonatan ben Pearl 
• David ben Yitzchak
• Dean Ben Svetlana
• Devora bas Chana Bayla
• Devorah bas Odel
• Devora Esther bas Feiga
• Devorah Esther Bat Miriam Sorah
• Devorah Rachel Bat Miriam Chava
• Dina bas Leah
• Dina bas Sarah Raiza
• Doris Bat Monique
• Dorit Chaya bat Geula
• Dov ben Yachad Freyda
• Dov Ber ben Tzipora
• Dovid ben Eliazar
Dovid Ben Leah Esther
• Dovid ben Henya
• Dovid Moshe Chaim ben Perel Sarah
• Dovid Yosef ben Faigy Perel
• Elana Michal ben Elisheva
• Elazar ben Esther Chana
• Eli Meir ben Simcha
• Elia Sarah bat Mazal
• Eliezer ben Ettya
• Eliezer Yaakov ben Rachel
• Eliezer Yaakov ben Rochel  Leyah
• Elinore Bat Margalit
• Elisheva bas Sarah
• Elinore Chaya bat Margalit
• Elisheva Leora Tova Bat Rivka
• Elisheva Sarah bas Chaya Leah
• Eliyahu ben Tzippora
• Eliyahu Mordechai ben Shaindel
• Elizabeth bat Rajma
• Elkana ben Brocha
• Emunah Rochel bat Gittel Esther
• Ephraim ben Miriam
• Ephraim ben Yacha Michla
• Ephraim Fishel ben Hendel
• Ephraim Yosef ben Blima Rochel
• Esta Chana bas Osna
• Ester bat Sara
• Esther bas Baila
• Esther bas Layeh
• Esther Bas Rachel
• Esther bas Raizel
• Esther Chaya bas Sara
• Esther Frieda bas Leeba
• Esther Shifra bat Chana
Esther Mindel bas Gittel Miriam
• Esther Raza bas Sara Bracha
• Etta bas Sarah
• Eytan ben Sarah
• Faiga bas Blima
• Faiga Sara bas Bracha Chaya
• Faiga bas Chaya
• Faygelah Leeba bas Devorah
• Faigie bas Shuska
• Fraida Malka bas Sara
• Freda Nota bas Ita Razel
• Fruma bas Sara Malka
• Freida Chedvah Bas Sora
• Gabriella bas Sara
• Galit Bat Miriam
• Gavriel ben Malka
• Gilad ben Aviva (Shalit)
• Gittel bas Bluma
• Gittel bas Devorah Sara
• Gittel Chaya Bat Malka Dina
• Gittel Hinda bat Shifra
• Golda Elka bat Mushka Raizel
• Golda Faiga bas Channa Etell
• Guy Natan Shimon ben Arlena Yehudit

Guria Ben Malka

• Hadar Yocheved bas Chaya Sara
• Haim Mendel Ben Chana Esther
HaRav Ozriel ben Sorah Chana
• HaRav Chaim Nassan ben Bracha Alta Zlata
• HaRav Zev Yaakov Moshe ben Chaya
• Hashliach Levy Yitzchok ben Tzirl
• Hatinok Moshe Refael ben Itta Meira
• Henna Sora bas Fayga Malia
• Ido Ben Ilana
• Igal ben Morvarid Sarah
• Ilana Michel bat Elisheva Malka
Ita bas Yutla
Ita bas Malka
Itzchak ben Dvora
• Kayla Rus bat Chaya Rochel
• Label bat Sarah
• L'auren Hadar bas Devorah Liba
• Laya Adina bas Chaya Esther
Leib Hershel Chaim ben Simcha Shmicha
• Leah bas Brina
• Leah bas Chana
• Leah bas Masha
• Leah bas Maya
• Leah bas Tziivya Chaya
• Leah bat Tziporah
• Leah Bracha bas Shoshana Basya
• Leah Ora bas Esther Zissel
Leia bas Rachel.
• Leib Hershel Chaim Ben Simcha Shemcha
Lianna Mirel bat Gavriella Rachel
• Lev ben Leah
Leyzer ben Leah
• Levi Yitchok ben Raizel
• Lipa Yom Tov ben Chana
• Luba Bas Ruth
• Malka Esther Bat Tziporah
• Malka Kreindel bas Raizel
• Malka Leah Bas Esther Mindel
Malka Sara bat Chana Rivka
• Masha bas Fredyl Raizel
• Masha Chana bas Chaya Dina
• Masha Faegle bas Shuska
Masha Ritza bas Sara Rivkah
• Matityahu Yaakov ben Gittel Rivkah
• Mazal Chaya bat Miriam

Meir Rafael ben Chaya

• Meira Sara bas Fraidel Chana  
• Menachem Halevi Ben Nechama
• Menachem Mannes ben Sara Rayzel
• Menachem Mendel ben Perel
• Menachem Mendel ben Perel Malka
• Menachem Mendel ben Sara
• Menachem Mordechai ben Ophira
• Menashe ben Esther Nicha
• Mesoda bat Chaviva
Michal Ariella Bat Sarah 
• Michal bat Elana
• Mindel Sara Rifka bas Blima
• Mirel Bas Shaindel
Miriam Ilana Chana bas Hinda Malka
• Miriam bas Ariel
• Miriam bas Gittel
• Miriam Elka bas Perel Esther
• Miriam Tovah bat Chana
• Moishe Shloime ben Mattel
Mordechai Nachum ben Rachel
• Mordechai ben Eitka
• Mordechai ben Hendel Devorah
• Mordechai Eleyahu ben Simcha
• Moshe ben Esther Nicha
• Moshe Chai ben Miriam
• Moshe Chaim ben Chana
• Moshe Gedalia ben Rochel
• Moshe Gershon ben Toba Itta
Moshe HaKohen ben Miriam Rus
• Moshe Nasan ben Chaya
• Moshe Rafael ben Sarah
Moshe Refael ben Hadassah
• Moshe Tzvi ben Miriam Ita
• Moshe Shmuel ben Batya Baila

• Moshe Yechiel ben Rina Shulamis

• Moshe ben Atara
• Mutel Rivka bat Chava
• Naftoli Tzvi Avrohom ben Hinda
• Naomi Tamara bas Sarah
• Naomi Yocheved bas Rochel
• Naor Shalev Ben Rut
• Nassan ben Gittel
• Natalya Rochel bas Chaya
• Nechah Faygah bas Sorah Leah
Nechama Baila bas Pessia
• Nechama bas Chaya Gittle
Nechama bas Shoshana Golda
• Nechama Naomi Rena bas Brucha Leah
• Nesanel Betzalel ben Goldie Yachad
• Niesa Hensa bas Sara Esther
• Nir ben Nizza
Nitza bat Miriam
Noach Yosef ben Leah Masha
• Nosson ben Sara
• Ortal bat Miriam
• Ovadia ben Sara Minna
• Paltiel Mordechai ben Hendel Nili
• Paulina bat Miriam
• Penina Chaya bas Rachel
• Penina Shifrah Bas Rochel Leah
• Perel Tziporah Bat Gittel
• Pesel bas Gitel
• Pinchas ben Yosefa
• Pinchas Elazar Elioenai ben Laya Simcha
• Rabbi Simcha ben Esther
• Rachel bas Bayla
• Rachel bat Rivka Sarah
• Racheyle bas Batya
• Rachel Miriam bas Baasha Raizel

Raiza Bat Baila

• Raizel bat Frumtche
• Raizel Rachel bat Runya Yehudit
• Ram ben Yaffa Mina
• Ranit Shayna bat Zlota Leah
• Raphael Avraham ben Osa
• Raphael Moshe Mattisyahu Ben Golda Musya Leah
• Rasha bat Leah
 Raheal Higker bas Kayla
• Ratza bas Devora
• Rav Aryeh Elyokum ben Gitel
• Rav Avraham ben Miriam
• Rav Zev Yaakov Moshe ben Chaya
• Reb Chaim Ze'ev ben Etel Chaya
• Reb Ovadyah ben Sarah
• Rebbetzin Devorah Esther bas Rachel
• Refael Matityahu Yaakov ben Gittel Rivka
• Refael Tzvi ben Itta Leah
• Refaela Chana Rivka Bas Shayna Dina
• Refoel Chaim Ozer ben Esther Yehudis
• Refoel ben Tziporah
• Rephael Eliyahu Mordechai ben Shaindel.
• Reuven ben Malka
• Reuven ben Tova Chaya
• Reuven ben Yocheved Reizel
• Reuven David ben Henna
• Ricki Mehirah Rut bas Zerizah
• Rifkah bas Devorah
• Rifkah bas Rochel Leah
• Rina Shulamis bas Chaya Gittel
• Rikvah Sarah bas Miriam
• Rivka Margalit bat Ita
Rivka bas Miriam Tzipora
• Rivka Perel bas Gittel
• Rivka bas Leah
• Rivka Rachel bas Yenta
• Rochel bas Baila
• Rochel bas Brocha
• Rochel Braindel bas Malka
• Rochel Miriam bas Basha Reizel
• Rochel bas Chana
• Roee Ben Shulamit
• Roni Rivka bat Rachel
• Rosalie bas Sara
• Ruchama Aliza Sara Chana bat Esther Leeba
• Ruchama Chana bat Chaya Toba
• Ruchama Chava Baila bas Chaya
• Ruchama Sara Miriam bat Tamar
• Ruchel bas Regina
• Ruchel Freyda bat Devorah Perel
• Rus bas Chaya Freida
• Russ bas Tzelah
• Ruth bat Sara
• Ruth bat Sara Imanu
• Sara bas Alta
• Sara bas Chaya
• Sara bas rivka
• Sara Bat Golda Bryna
• Sara Feiga bas Chai Miriam
• Sara Rivka bas Bryna
• Sara Shira bas Leah Malka
• Sarah Bat Esther
• Sarah Frumet bas Gali
• Sarah Leah bat Chana Tziviah
• Shai Sholom ben Rochel
• Shaina bas Chava
• Shaindel Sara bas Rochel Leah
• Shalom ben Batsheva
• Shayna bas Chava
• Sheina bas Chaya
• Shelaim Tzvi ben Chaya Gitel
• Shifra Yehudit Rachel Bat Risi Bayla
• Shimon ben Rosa
• Shimon Eliezer ben Chanah
• Shira Netana bas Sarah
• Shlomo Ben Ghita
• Shlomo ben Reesa
• Shlomo ben Reuven
• Shlomo Dov Hacohen ben Rochel
• Shlomo Eliezer ben Aliyah
• Shlomo Leib ben Miriam
Shlomo Yehuda Ben Shayna Raizel
• Shlomo Zalman Meir ben Batsheva.
• Shmuel Avrum Chaim ben Leah
• Shmuel ben Avigayil Naama
• Shmuel ben Pesha Batya
• Shmuel ben Yenta
• Shmuel Halevi ben Chana Baila
• Shmuel Yaakov ben Golda
Shmuel Yeruchem ben Baila
• Shraga Feivel ben Miriam
• Sima Yehudis bas Esther
• Simcha ben Esther
• Simcha Bat Jacqueline
• Simcha Bat Sarah
• Sorah bas Busya
• Tali Bat Deborah Bina
• Tamar Nechama bas Carmela
• Tamara bat Mazel Tov
• Tamara bat Perel
• Tami bat Rena
• Tinok ben Chaya Vita
• Tinok ben Frada Ahuva
• Tinok ben Gittel Tzerel - 3 months
• Tinok Ben Liba Bat-Sheva
• Tinok ben Shaindel Miriam
• Tinokes bas Chaya Adira Chana
• Tinokes bas Bayla Shayna
• Toiba Hadassah bat Deganit
• Tova Chaya bas Chana
• Tova bas Eku
• Tova bas Shayna Tzivia
• Tova Lipsitt
• Tovah bas Shayna Tzivia
• Tovah bat Rachel
• Tovah Leah bas Esther Masha
• Tovah Sarah bas Esther
• Trina Ruth bas Leah
• Tsisil Lea Bashe Bryna bas Malka Sickel
• Tuvia ben Yachad
• Tzipora Fayga bas Sima Shayndel
• Tziporah Hadassah bas Yetta
• Tzipporah Malka bat Aliza Kaila
• Tzirel bas Basha
• Tziril Esther bas Malka
Tzvia Kendal bas Eliana Daniella
• Tzivia bas Feiga
• Tzivya bas Chaya Faiga
• Tzuriya Kochevet Bat Sarah
• Tzvi Hersh ben Naomi
• Tzvi Ilan ben Gita
• Tzvi Ilan ben Gittel
• Yaakov Alexander ben Batyah Esther
• Yaakov ben Chava
Yaakov Shmaarya Ben Yocheva Shimsha
• Yaakov ben Frimit HaCohen
• Yaakov Dov ben Blima Chana
• Yaakov Yosef ben Chana
• Yachet Chaya bat Esther
• Yael bat Rachel
• Yael Bracha bas Rachel
• Yael Sarah bas Rina Shulamis
• Yaffa bat Chaya
• Yakov Yosef ben Leah Rochel
• Yakov Shalom ben Nechama Tziyona
• Yannai ben Chaya Elisheva
• Yechezkal ben Rachel Basha
• Yechiel ben Miriam
• Yechiel Meir ben Freida
• Yehonatan ben Malka (Pollard)
• Yehuda  ben Gittel
• Yehuda ben Sara Yenta
• Yehuda Chaim ben Esther Zlatta
Yehuda Amitai ben Avital Nechama
Yehoshua Asher ben Baila Rivka
• Yehuda Hendel ben Devorah Rochel
• Yehuda Pinchas ben Asna
• Yehuda Shlomo (Friedman) ben Raizel
• Yehuda Yitzchok ben Leah
• Yehudah ben Gali
• Yehudah Moshe Yosef ben Miriam
• Yehudis bas Kaila
• Yehudis bas Rivka Baila
• Yehudis Masha bat Faiga
• Yehudis Surah Bat Devorah Gittel
• Yerachmiel ben Sarah
• Yerachmiel Nosson ben Leeba
• Yishai ben Hentshe Yudit
• Yeshia ben Zlotta
• Yechezkal ben Rachel
• Yinon ben Esther
Yisroel Binyamin Rafoel ben Shulamith
• Yisroel Chanan Shmuel ben Malka
• Yisroel Naftoli ben Aviva Blimah
• Yitzchak ben Batya
Yitzchak ben Baila Leah
• Yitzchak ben Chana
• Yitzchak Yaakov ben Matilda Devorah
• Yitzchak Yehoshua ben Yehudis
• Yitzchak Zeleg ben Malya
• Yochana ben Avraham
• Yochanan ben Sarah
• Yocheved bas Shaindel
• Yocheved Chaviva Bracha bas Rochel Gittel
• Yoel Moshe ben Hadassah
• Yoel Ozer ben Chaya Malka
• Yonah bat Miriam
• Yonatan Yaakov ben Chanah Falka
• Yosef ben Elisheva
• Yosef ben Blima Chana
• Yosef Dovid ben Esther Leah
• Yosef Yitzchak ben Chaya Luba
• Yosef Shalom ben Bluma Rissel
• Yotam Ben Dorit
• Ysachar Dov ben Gittel
• Yuta Bas Faiga
• Zechariah Kalman HaKohen ben Yael Margalit
• Zissel bas Chaya Gittel
• Zissel Leah Batya Bronyna bas Malka Tsirel
• Zvi Benzion ben Rachel
• Zvi Ilan ben Gittel
• Moshe ben Chana
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8/17/2015 Congratulations

Mr. & Mrs. Weisberg of Woodmere upon the engagement of their daughter Shani to Max Kapelus of West Hempstead



8/17/15 Congratulations to Elisabeth and Ariel Halpern on the marriage of their son, Moshe, to Gitty Lichtschein.

8/17/15 Congratulations to Sonya Krigsman on the marriage of her son, Saadia, to Esti Dunner.

8/17/15 Congratulations to Rabbi Dovid and Debbi Greenblatt on the marriage of their daughter, Aliza, to Zalman Horowitz.

Recent Condolences
Jewish Community Services
South Shore Shatnez Labs: Tzippy David
1135 Harris Street, Far Rockaway, NY (718)327-0537 l Avrohom David 315 Livingston Place Cedarhurst, NY
Local Charities

 Tomchei Shabbos-Yad Yeshaya 634 Oak Dr Far Rockaway, NY 11691-5413 Chaveirim P.O. Box 701 Lawrence, NY 11559 l

Hatzalah of the Rockaways & Nassau County 621 Beach 9th Street
Far Rockaway, NY 1691 l Shalom Task Force -

The Chessed Network : The Five Towns Community is known as one of the most active when it comes to Chessed and acts of kindness. There numerous Help Hotlines and G'machs for whatever ones needs may be. To view the entire list of Hotlines and G'machs, please visit:
Dear Friends:

A member of the 5 Towns community - Zack Englander (Zechariah Kalman hacohein ben Yael Margelit), twenty years old - was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. He is in need of a bone marrow transplant. In addition, there is a tremendous need for funds to test the cheek swabs to see if they will be a match for Zack. It is strongly recommended that everyone contribute something towards this drive.

Thanks very much, and we should all merit to perform many Mitzvot.


There is a young man Zach Englander who needs a bone marrow transplant, not only do we have to try and find an exact match but the family is in need of raising $350,000 just for testing in order to attempt and find a match. The doctors claim that the odds of finding a match increase with connectivity to the patient, meaning a Jewish patient is more likely to find a match from within the Jewish population. The family pointed out that the boy in question is a Cohen and the family is originally from Tzans, so any one who is a cohen or from Tzans is more likely to match as well. Truth be told though as we all know "??? ???? ???? " so it's really up to ????"? if a match is found and who it will be, it can really be anybody. With that in mind I ask you to send out an email to all your contacts requesting that people help in this endeavor, either by getting tested for a match or by donating to the cause (or both). Here is a website link that was created for this purpose:

Once again thank you for all your help

Donating Challah For the Troops Fighting Overseas

"Thank you ever so much for the Challah. Who would have thought that in the midst of a combat zone, I would have Challah every Shabbos?! I am deeply moved by your generosity to me personally and your Chessed to our Soldiers in Iraq. Moreover, I really appreciate the mixed nuts and jelly beans. May HKB"H repay your kindness many times and may you be blessed with much nachas."  
Chaplain Ephraim Travis

Dear Family and friends,
I hope you and your families are enjoying the summer. The letter above was recently received from the Jewish Chaplain serving in Iraq. I am planning to send numerous packages to different bases throughout Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait before the High Holidays. The packages that are received are deeply appreciated and give the troops a taste of home especially during holiday time when they are away from their families. You have been quite generous in the past and I hope you will participate in this wonderful mitzvah this year as well. It would be very nice if you would include a note or Rosh Hashanah card that I can send along with the challah and goodies. You might like to include your address or e mail and become a pen pal with a soldier overseas.
 The packages cost approximately $36 each including $12.95 postage. Checks can be made out to Chabad Charity Fund and mailed to me
Marla Turk 14 Linden Street , Woodmere, NY 11598
 or you can give then directly to Miriam at Chabad of the Five Towns.
Thanking you in advance for your generosity. Tizku l'mitzvot, Marla
 PS -Please share this with your friends and family, as they too may want to participate.