We are very into abbreviations. Especially, now that we communicate almost more by text than talk. People just don’t talk much anymore. They won’t say I’m a Physician’s Assistant or a Physical Therapist. They’ll say I’m a PA or a PT.


But think back-Did anyone ever used to say I’m a BM. Well, other than it having potentially negative connotations or politically incorrect ones, because BP/Business Person would be more correct than BM/Business Man anyway! A person used to take the time to tell you – “I’m in business”!


And historically, if someone called themselves OT, I would have thought they meant that they were “On Time”. Unless, of course it was certain individuals who never are!!  But otherwise if anyone said OT, especially with an Austrian or German background, I would have thought of course they meant on time. Since using abbreviated speech would account for how they can be so exactly on time everywhere all the time.


I’m not sure if anyone even takes the time for full out laughter anymore. They just say LOL and move on.


Where is everyone in such a rush to?


The interesting thing to notice is what professions don’t get abbreviated!


For instance, no one says I’m an ST! After all, how would that sound? They are in the field of perfecting speech and they don’t even have the capacity to use it. No way! A Speech Therapist must elongate every syllable so you know how good they are at their job! In fact, they usually even tack on exactly what their specialty is.  For example, they’ll say, “I’m a speech and language specialist with an emphasis on early stage intervention and alternative skills techniques”. By the time they finish stating their profession, you can be completely comfortable that they are adept!


A physical therapist would more likely need to cartwheel and weight lift in front of you to show they have the skills and strength to work with you! Their speaking in longer sentences wouldn’t impress you. However, now that they are going to be required to get a doctorate to be a PT, maybe they’ll think they earned themselves more floor time.


I mean look at an MD? The only place they are willing to abbreviate is on their license plate. And that’s so that policemen are sure to let them park anywhere. They know no cop cares exactly what their specialty is. But ask a doctor outright what they do.  And they’re going to think, I just gave like 25 years of my life for this degree I’m not shortening my job description one iota. “I’m a pediatric interventionist nerurothoracic surgeon”.  Right there they’ve told you they did 4 years of medical school, 3 years of internship, 6 years of fellowship, five years of hospital clinical affiliation, and multiple years of research to earn this convoluted title! They didn’t get a shortcut in training they’re not giving you one in hearing about it!


Have you noticed, the abbreviations used for therapists. They’re either an LCSW, or an MFT, or a …. WXYZ!!!   We are letter obsessed. And why? Where are we in a such rush to, is what I want to know?!


After all, we never have to run to answer the telephone anymore, it’s following us around. If we need anything at all, Amazon can deliver it. And guess what, soon cars they say will drive for us, we will pick up even more time. What are we so preoccupied with that we can’t say a full sentence?


Ok — I’ll be honest with you, I feel possibly, that I have excuses. For me, I’m often pretty busy figuring out how to work the ‘ever changing technology’.  And when I’m not doing that, I’m sometimes looking for my cell phone. And I do still drive places a lot -hardly an Uber for me! Therefore, I also need to think where I left my car keys. Because, of course, keys never have to be in touch with a car any more- so who accesses them on a regular basis. As long as the keys are in the general vicinity of the car, it will drive!


In fact, there have been times that I’ve driven somewhere, then gotten dropped off, and someone else took the car, while I left with the key. It’s fine till they turn off the engine. But, then they’re stuck in yenems velt, unable to reach me.  Since, I’m strolling the aisles of gourmet glatt oblivious to their call. Because, I left my phone charging with them in the car!


So maybe I don’t have time for full sentences?! Perhaps abbreviations give me some of that extra time I might have left somewhere.  And perhaps everyone has moments of mayhem and madness that make them feel they need to recoup some time.  Maybe, we can give everyone the benefit of the doubt and figure they are not really rushing around either.  Rather, they are all just, shall we call it, re-balancing their time!





Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or<


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