Go Ahead, Enlighten Yourself


Just want to let you know that there’s lots of controversy around Hanukkah. It’s not something giant, it’s just always wait a minute- which way do we put in the candles? Do we light from right to left or left to right or put in the candles right to left or left, right?


Well, you know it’s a whole year later. It’s not like we’ve done nothing in the interim.  We’ve blown the shofar- Short long short or long short short? We’ve shaken the lulav and held the estrog- Pitum up or down or when- after the bracha before the bracha?  We’ve eaten the marror – with the charoset, separate from the charoset, with the romaine leaf?


We’ve been busy!


So, a little confusion is in order! The important thing is that we light those candles. Spread that light. In other words, we can be confused but we still need to enlighten the rest of the world. After all, how else will we get them to join the confusion?


And isn’t it the best way to live! We’ve got structure, which they say all people need. We’ve got fun. Who can decry that. After all, it says serve Gd with joy!


And we’ve got those yearly challenges, listed above. And they say we grow from our challenges.


If all this makes you dizzy, it’s the right holiday to feel that. It’s the spinning dreidel holiday.


So, share gifts and love and light up the world and yourselves and others have a very happy Chanukah!




Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at               917-705-2004 or rivki@rosenwalds.com

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