Hey Lock Me Away



What’s your instrument of choice?


So, you wind up with some unused melon or some dinner left overs……where does it go?


Some people refuse to save! If it doesn’t get eaten, it’s in the trash right away.  While others, will store it somewhere in the fridge till the days of Armageddon set in.


But, what to put it away in – that is the question?!


Some people are ardent Tupperware supporters. They have a size and shape container for every occasion; others are less formal, they just save it in their dependable, empty coleslaw containers and they’re good to go.


Then there are those who utilize the trusty Ziploc bag! No matter what the product is, they are storing it in a Ziploc. From chicken, to veggies, to formless Jell-O, that bag will get them through. Even though the item falls to the bottom of the bag and then contours shapelessly to the shelf, it still goes in the bag. Even though it doesn’t always look that tempting after sitting pressurized in some haphazard stance, it goes in that bag. That’s because their clean up escape plan is -stop, drop, and roll- it closed!


That doesn’t work for me though because I’ve seen fresh salad go in to the fridge looking crunchy and appealing and come out looking like a veggie burger, matted and soldered together. I’d rather, if it’s possible, to have something come out the same as I put it in!  Yet, some prefer convenience and speed to easy recognition!


Others will simply run a piece of cellophane across whatever their leftovers are sitting inside of. It works for them because it’s got clear visibility and keeps everything super moist. Unfortunately, that includes something they prefer to keep crunchy and not moist!


Then there are those who are very situation appropriate.  If it will be going into the oven they want it stored in a tin. If it’s a microwavable item, then glass or plastic is its temporary abode. And if eaten room-temperature, a bag will do! They are the Aristotle of store-ers. No flippant decision here, their storage plan has taken years of thought and insight to arrive at.


Me, I like to date and identify my stuff. You may think this sounds amazingly efficient of me. I do to!  But, as it works out, it simply informs me of just how long it’s been since I cleaned out my pantry, fridge, or freezer. And how long it’s been sitting where I finally find it.  Seriously, sometimes I feel I should rename the spots I locate it – The Archive. That’s because these items wind up sitting there so long. Furthermore, if they didn’t have a description marked on it, guessing what it is, would make a great quiz show.


Did you ever notice how refrigerators never seem deep enough when you are looking for space to put things away.  But when you start to clean them out, they seem like an endless abyss. Where in the world do all those items manage to hide out?


Mastering the storage game is a talent not to be taken lightly. If you’ve got it down to a science you’re a modern-day phenomenon. You should actually blog about it!  Emerging stem-cell research has nothing over you! On the other hand, I’d say, my contribution to science would be more like -what can an item morph into if neglected long enough!!


I just want to salute all those who have perfected putting away left overs. And empathize with those who have not. And furthermore, let you know you are not alone. We all have our little talents and skills and if this isn’t your best don’t worry, the garbage pail is always waiting with open arms.


I don’t know if you’ve seen something I recently noticed people using, it looks like a little food shower cap. I’m still old fashioned, I just use them on my head. But whatever works for you, if it works, hooray! Obviously with this new invention you could possibly stick the food on your head, jump in the shower, and kill 2 birds with one stone. If that’s not an idea for you just keep an eye on what’s coming down the pipe line. Stay optimistic- There’s always something new under the sun!!! At least hopefully when it comes to storage ideas!





Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or rivki@rosenwalds.com<mailto:rivki@rosenwalds.com


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