Local Yeshiva Ketana Boy Heads to the White House


By: Suri Stern

It is with great joy that I announce that Avrahmi Berkowitz, the son of Brynde and Ephraim Berkowitz, brother of Dr. Yehoshua Berkowitz, is headed to Washington as Special Assistant to President Trump, and assistant to Jared Kushner.

Avrahmi is a long-time resident of Lawrence, having started his education at our local Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island school.  He is bright, eloquent and charming, and always was.  He attended Queens College, and then headed to Harvard Law School, where he naturally excelled.

He met Jared Kushner at a pickup basketball game at a Passover program in Arizona.  Jared Kushner is a principle at the Kushner Companies, a real estate conglomerate.  They became friends and Avrahmi worked his way up from intern to paid employee at Kushner.

As he graduated law school, he was offered a position at a prestigious global law firm, Gibson & Dunn, and accepted the offer.  Just a month shy from starting at Gibson, Avrahmi started working on the Trump Campaign and continued on the trail, while Gibson gave him a deferment.

Trump won, and Jared asked Avrahmi to join the Trump transition team, and then the white house.  President Trump is lucky to have such a fine, refined, kind, gentle and brilliant man as Avrahmi Berkowitz on his team.

During his time at Harvard Law, he was a teaching fellow, teaching five classes, including U.S. Government and, ironically, a class entitled The Road to the White House.  He is an accomplished pianist and he has a Master rating in speed Chess.

May Brynde and Ephraim have a lifetime of yiddishe nachat from Avrahmi, Yehoshua and future generations.

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