No Cows to Milk


Well excuse me! Does your kid really need a vacation? I think they can use a break!


Is it possibly okay to stay home for school break? Sure! But, kids are longing to do something. They want a change!


I guess life needs to have more to it than wake up, eat or don’t eat breakfast, schlep on the bus, learn all day, do homework all night, and in any free time get yelled at for always being on your cell phone.


So, it’s off to Florida, Israel, California, Colorado, Vermont or Great Wolfe lodge you go!


Kids need a change. They do!  They need some physical exercise. And farm work’s a thing of the past. Sitting in class all day is just too passive. Come on they need some physical stimulation.


Sooo we are off to the slopes. Now there’s a vacation for you. Exert, exert, exert! I’m not exactly sure how that’s vacationing? It’s more correct, as I said above, to call it a school break! The great outdoors, the fresh air, the exhilaration, the skill, the exercise. It’s all a great way to refresh and revitalize. It’s amazing to see your kids working this hard and you don’t even have to ask them to.


At the end of the day when they feel wiped out, they’ve earned the couch. Just piling on those layers is a feat to be proud of.


Orlando is another physically satisfying trip. I’m serious. It takes energy getting around the parks, standing endlessly on lines, and flipping upside down and inside out just to keep occupied which is second only to the flips and turns on those new roller coasters.


And let’s not forget Israel. Touring the country, hiking, zip lining, walking everywhere. That’s another good way to get your kids to get out and about. Actually, just walking from restaurant to restaurant is a lot of exertion there. After all, everyone has their favorite place you must get to! They’ve got to hit Kentucky Fried Chicken, Big Apple pizza, Rimon 1 and 2 and, every ice coffee place they love! And that’s just the first day they get there!


Can you do stuff close to home? Sure. But make sure it something your kids are excited to do, they are tired of being forced to do stuff. And sometimes if you’re too close to home it’s too tempting for them to just stay at home.









Whether you travel or stay home. Don’t stay put. Kids need to go, to do, to move!  It’s not enough to stimulate their minds alone. So try and give them some action. It’s got to last them for a while. Cause Passover’s the next time they may get time to move around again! And it’s kind of a long time from now till the afikomen hunt begins!


Help them enjoy the school break!!!


Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or<

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