Passing of Elsie Sofer

It is with deep personal regret that I inform you of the passing of Morah Elsie Sofer, long time nursery morah at T.A.G.

Oh the joy and the songs in her classroom.  Every morning she would greet us with smiles and share the joy of the day, the week the holiday.  I still sing her songs on the holidays for Sukkoth it was “ A sukele a klaine, fun breitele gameiner…” for shavuoth: “Tov tov lilmod torah, torateinu yakira…”  She was the community’s morah, a real role model for all ages and generations.  I will miss her.

Shiva for  Morah Elsie Soffer A”H,

will be observed at
611 Hicksville Road (side entrance), Far Rockaway
until Friday afternoon, March 31st

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