Passing of Rabbi Aaron Brafman

We announce with sorrow the passing of
Rabbi Aaron Brafman, Menahel of Yeshiva Far Rockaway, o”h,
beloved husband of Susie Brafman and beloved brother of
Ben Brafman and Shevy Cooperberg.

Rebbetzin Susie Brafman and her children are sitting shiva at the Brafman residence at 746 Mador Court, Far Rockaway, NY, through Thursday morning, August 17th.

Shevy Cooperberg and Ben Brafman are sitting shiva at 746 Mador Court, in Far Rockaway, through 7:00pm tonight, Monday, August 14th.  They will continue to sit shiva at Ben Brafman’s home at 15 Waverly Place in Lawrence through Thursday morning, August 17th.

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