Piddle Paddle


You don’t want to get up real early, especially if you were up late the night before. You don’t want to welcome the dawn before the sun does, do you!. But give someone the right incentive and up they go!

I am amazed with a new experience that I see many joining. Ok, maybe not many, but even a few surprise me. After all, if you think about it at this dim-lit hour they’re not just getting up or getting out they are getting in gear!

Did you ever notice how a lot of people, gladly, walk their bikes over the Atlantic Beach bridge elevation ramp. They pop right off their seat and slowly saunter up the some what angled slope  to get to the top where it’s flat. And I’m not so convinced it’s because the sign requires people to!

Yet, there are these individuals,  in training, who actually wake up to accompany  out the moon. And in that almost sleep like state, they take to the peddles. Oh, and it’s not for some slow and leisure-like ride through a tree lined path. But, instead to struggle up a long, steep, endless incline and then back down some, initially almost life threatening, descent.

And it doesn’t end there. They do this for miles and miles and day after day. And through streets where these giant motorized things, actually called cars and trucks, are free to roam dangerously close to their side. And their body armor is a pair of biking leggings, at most.

Yet -They do this with a gusto. They become driven by their ability to go the extra mile. And also the comfort that they are not alone. They have fellow peddlers working at it with them.

You look at these motivated individuals and say -even if I wanted to ride my bike at all… there’s no air in my tires, I can’t remember the code for my bike lock, and I look like an idiot in my helmet and where is it anyway?

Now -Maybe you think of yourself as a real biker. Because you’ve decided to  take to the streets and finally use your 10 speed bike. The one that you bought within the last five years and have just gotten around to enjoying now . Or maybe you go on a vacation and rent a bike. Woohoo -you feel the pride and exuberance of experiencing an area or country side from an athletic vantage point.

Yet that real true grit of training for a bikathon is not what gets you moving !

So – What do you think is worth cutting into your sleep for?  What is worthwhile exerting your bodies energy for? What gets you to give it your all and build your stamina and potential? This seems a worthwhile thing to find out. Because, everyone who does it seems to be walking around with a sense of accomplishment.  And having that kind of feeling of satisfaction in your pocket is a great way to get through the uninvited tough times in your day.

So, even if peddling your way to victory is not your thing, try to identify what is. In the meantime, I’ll meet you at the base of the Atlantic beach bridge fro a nice leisurely saunter up and over it.  And a ride to the closest Duncan donuts for a little reward for all the exertion expanded getting there!

(Inspired by a few of my very loved peddling friends ,you know who you are!  And good luck to you! )





Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or<


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