Recognizing Fine Art


They say life imitates art!  And a good life imitates- “The Art of Marriage”. This book is a fantastic read!


These days I doubt any one would get into a car without Waze or Google maps. I’d say you are making the same mistake getting into, or staying in, a marriage without the brilliance of this book.


The continuous humor throughout makes it easily readable. And certainly imbues you with a subliminal message that a sense of humor makes marriage infinitely more manageable. (Plus as an added bonus it gives you a great repertoire of jokes.)


More importantly, it familiarizes you with Gottman, Johnson, etc., etc. This one read saves you hours of reading a compendia of marriage books.  The wisdom is culled from the most contemporary and respected experts in the field of relationships, both in the secular and observant world.


So let me just give you an insight in to the concept of art. Some people have natural skill when it comes to art. Me on the other hand- a stick figure presents major challenges!


Still, I see the most talented of artists always taking art classes. They are constantly sculpting their skill.


Point- there is always room, WOOPS, rather wisdom, to improving.


Do you ever get upset with yourself? Do you ever find yourself saying, “I need to go on a diet”, “exercise more”, “stop stressing myself out”, “learn to handle this or that differently”, “I should’ve”, “they shouldn’t have”, etc. Now, that’s you having a conversation with a familiar subject- yourself. Now throw in to the mix another person having that same conversation with themselves, simultaneously.  There’s a lot of noise going on under the surface. Then there is another conversation, often going on right on the surface between these same 2 individuals. That’s kind of marriage. Three different conversations streaming all the time.


Might it be worthwhile knowing how to create a little less noise, and a little more laughter? A little more peace and a little less static? You bet.


My recommendation- stop reading this article! And get yourself -The Art of Marriage! Save me the trouble of trying to paraphrase each poignant point. Cause I if I do I’ll wind up plagiarizing the whole book.


The segments are clearly outlined, and address a multiple of challenges. This way you can pick the ones that truly speak to you!


Remember the commercial – try it you’ll like it!


Become ever more adept in your relationship and mold it to be a beautiful work of art!

Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or<

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