Shop ‘Til You Drop


Many may think all women love to shop. But, here’s an interesting realization I have come to. There are women who love to shop, and women who really don’t.


When you see a woman carrying a few boxes of recently purchased shoes, a new purse, and 4 new outfits, you can probably bet you’ve just seen a woman who will tell you she hates to shop. Surprised, huh? Doesn’t that seem counterintuitive? Then what in the world would someone who loves to shop be dragging behind her? A trailer?


The idea is that if you hate it, you usually want to get it over with in one shot.  Because who knows when you’ll be willing do this again.


But, the real connoisseur, buys a little bit each time. They know the best designers and the best sales. There is science to their methodology.


They can see through your clothing right to your tag. They absolutely know the name written on it without reversing the clothing. This is a sign of a seasoned shopper. They know the brand of shoe, pocketbook, scarf or dress you have on, just by appearances. I’m actually good with that in a supermarket! I can recognize the bottle shapes and cereal boxes! I wonder if there’s a market for that talent.


There is no shame in knowing or not knowing. Everyone has their interests and talents. A ‘not so devoted shopper’ is usually blessed if they have a friend who has a seasoned eye and is willing to shop with them.  It’s not that they might not have found the same dress on the sales rack themselves, and even bought it. But, without that expert there they would not know to get extremely excited about the amazing bargain. And who wants to miss out on one of life’s pleasures?! Moreover, if that still wouldn’t do much for them, just imagine how happy they could make a friend!


Sometimes, you look at a dress. It looks nice. It’s stylish. It’s funky. It’s even a very decent price, but not available in your size. Not far from it you find a similar one. Very nice, not quite as interesting in your opinion, but they have it in your size. Suddenly, you need a resuscitator!! The dress that fits you has an added zero at the end – that was not placed in the “cents” column!  Are they kidding?! Can that dress make your phone calls for you? Can it clean your house? What’s it done to command that kind of a price?


It has sported a name label. One that your friend can see a mile away! Perhaps you need your eyes checked?!! Though, even if you checked the name on the label, it probably had only vague recognition to you or no meaning at all!


You know the saying one man’s meat is another man’s poison. In this case, I’d say, one man’s Gucci is another man’s Grouchy. Shopping just wouldn’t be their first priority. Going to the mall for a non-shopper is more about looking for the frozen yogurt stand!


Do these people understand one another?


Perhaps at some level.

One can’t imagine why the name matters, while the other can’t imagine why it doesn’t.

One can’t remember to check the label, while the other can’t forget to.

One feels happy simply to be wearing clothing, while the others feels happy to be wearing an Oscar or a Cardin.


Shopping for one, is an art form, a labor of love. And for the other, a necessary means to an end. After all, they need to wear something!


One feels clothed while the other feels crowned.


Is there a right or a wrong to it? Absolutely not! Well, maybe if you ask a clothing designer?!

It’s what makes for the spice of life, variety, even the opportunity for professional shoppers to exist to help others.


All I can say is that perhaps I’ve given a different look at the myth that all women universally love to shop. Though, maybe with a little training, encouragement, and a blank check ……who knows?!










Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or<

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