Snow One Asked For It, But How’d You Weather It?


Some people call it a blizzard. I call it a paid vacation.


All the plans were made by Gd! No booking tickets, no packing bags. “Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ‘snow’ “.


So, I’m sitting here watching the wind blowing, the snow flowing, and the world glowing bright. And I’m thinking of you! Yes, each and every one of you.


How are you weathering the storm?

Catching up on fun or catching up on work?


This is a gift. Free of charge. Get out your boots, your gloves, forget the shovel, just roll in it. Or build a snow ‘person’. After all, we must be politically correct, even in a blizzard.

Or climb into bed. Read a book, watch a show. But don’t work!!  That’s what you do every day!


This is a day off!

I know some people think no, it’s a day off-al! They feel locked in or just out of routine. Some say, who needs the kids at home? I’ll tell you who though, the kids! They need a day off too! You may want them out of the house, but today they only want to go out if they have a sled in hand!


As the flurries keep falling, here’s what’s probably going on:

The kids are thinking, how many days of school can I miss, and why couldn’t this storm show up on a Monday!


But you’re thinking, is this going to be cleaned up by tomorrow?


And the person making an event tonight or this weekend, which is tomorrow, is probably thinking- I wish I could stop hyperventilating long enough to figure out what to do?!


It’s funny how much trouble a little cold rain can cause. It comes down gracefully, but then commits heavily. In the air, you can practically blow it away. However, on the ground, it hunkers down for the long winter.


Suddenly, the random people who wander the neighborhood start to look pretty appealing. Especially because, rather than looking suspicious, they look ready for work. And you need a path dug to get out of your house.


And what about getting to your car. You’re thinking, I left it here somewhere? Yay, you realize, that mound is not a snow drift, it’s your car!  Now where is that thing you had last winter?  You know- the brush with the scrape-y thing on it- that helps you de-ice.  That device is always so meaningful in the winter, when it snows, but, then relegated to some corner of the garage in the spring. And when you need it again, you’re like…. I wish I kept my garage a lot neater!!!


The snow can make the world look like a wonder land or make you wonder where you’ll land. Sure, it can be inconvenient, but, you can’t make it go away by not liking it. You can enjoy its pleasant qualities or bemoan it’s challenges.


Facts are: It’s white, it’s soft, it’s angelic or it’s cold, it’s inconvenient, it’s pathetic.  Your choice!!



Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at               917-705-2004 or

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