SEPTA Helpful Links

  • Theliac.org Long Island Advocacy Center
  • Lenoredavis.com, Law Offices of Lenore S. Davis, (516)569-4671
  • http://www.hempsteadschools.org/Page/215 Nassau County SEPTA/Special Education Parent Teacher’s Association
  • Education Law Education Law.net
  • Frequently Asked Questions about section 504:For those student’s who don’t qualify for an IEP but still receive services

Parent Links

  • LI-TECA Long Island -Twice Exceptional  Children s Advocacy, https://www.teca2e.org/
  • PARENT TO PARENT : Parent to Parent of Long Island
  • Reed Martin  :Educational resource where parents, advocates, attorneys and school personnel can come for  information
  • SOCIAL STORIES : To help those facing a new social situation, along with how to write a social story
  • BRIDGES FOR KIDS  A non-profit parent organization providing a comprehensive system of information and referral for parents of children from birth through transition to adult life.
  • AEGUS:  AEGUS, The Association for the Education of Gifted Underachieving Students, serves as an advocate for this special population.
  • SNAP  :Special Needs Awareness Project
  • Council for Exceptional Children The largest international professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted.
  • Global overview of Educational terms: It is a condensation (from a book) produced by the Texas Education Consumers Association for their web site. This glossary of terms is more Global overview of Educational terms rather than specific to Special Education. We frequently hear these terms used fluently at PTA® and Special Ed PTA® meetings and especially at School Board meetings. I hope this glossary will help you in navigating the world of education.


Region and State Links


National Links

Autism Links

  • Autism Law: Your Child’s Legal Rights to a Special Education
  • AUTISM SOCIETY : The Autism Society of America
  • The David Center :  THE DAVID CENTER is a not-for-profit organization serving families of children with autistic spectrum disorders on Long Island
  • AHA/AS/PDD  The Advocates for Individuals with High Functioning Autism,  Asperger’s Syndrome and other  Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Corp.
  • Autism Speaks  Autism Speaks home page 


Down Syndrome


  • The Epilepsy Foundation:will ensure that people with seizures are able to participate in all life experiences; and will prevent, control and cure epilepsy through research, education, advocacy and services.
  •  The Epilepsy Project: is an online resource provided by The Epilepsy Project. Our mission is to inform and empower two groups of patients and their families: those facing newly diagnosed epilepsy, and those struggling with epilepsy that has resisted the usual treatments.
Alternative Therapies 

·   Forum on Alternative Therapies:  For Children with Developmental Delays, Brain Injury, and related Neurometbolic Conditions and Disorders with the University of Arizona College of Medicine 

·  http://www.fln.vcu.edu/ld/ld.html#College

·  http://www.finaid.org/otheraid/disabled.phtml

·  http://www.ric.edu/uap/publications/CollegeGuide.pdf

·  http://www.ncset.org/publications/viewdesc.asp?id=208

·  http://www.ribghe.org/col-prep.htm

·  http://www.teachingld.org/pdf/teaching_how-tos/navigating.pdf

·  http://www.the-disability-site.com/s/college_disability_student


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