The Inevitable Cycle!


“I need something to eat!!!!!”- Is probably the last phrase anyone is likely to utter these days. At least, If they’ve just been through the last bout of holidays. Not to, Gd forbid, reduce the holidays to an eating marathon! Still, if we think that, in general, we eat way too much on a simple Shabbas- what would you call the last few weeks?!!!


You may be wondering why I am mentioning this when it’s the last thing you want to focus on?  To be honest-  I’m getting a kick back from the local gyms and three nutritionists!!!


After all, who doesn’t feel like getting back in to shape now? I’m not saying anyone of us will actually get that carried away and take the aggressive measure of joining a gym, or signing up with a nutritionist. I’m just saying we have wild thoughts of doing so!


So, it’s back to reality! Less food -more traffic! Less calories – more deadlines. It’s not like we won’t have what to complain about! It will just be packaged differently!


Life does have a way of keeping us busy. And we do have our way of looking at it!  I think it’s kind of …from eating obligation to eating obligation. Seriously, who isn’t thinking about a bar mitzvah, a wedding, or thanksgiving right now?!


If you can think of the last thing you feel like doing —- would you say it’s seeing another supermarket, cooking another meal, or eating another dessert? I’m not saying you won’t feel differently by Wednesday, but for the moment I’d say most of us are spent!


Ok, I’m going to make a confession, I do have this urge to buy lots and lots of lettuce. It’s like this feeling I want to detox. Again, I’m not saying I will, but the wild thought is there! Nevertheless, I’ll probably buy a pizza pie!


So how do we get back in to better shape? And then again, is it even worth it if another occasion is always right around the corner? This is a perpetual dilemma!  It reminds me of pregnancy – you need the interim clothing, then the maternity clothing, and then it’s back to the interim clothing.  And then just as you’re fitting back in to your regular size, it starts all over again with the next pregnancy. There’s no getting away from the cycle. That’s kind of what happens with us. Just when you figure out a way to shed the last holiday’s excess weight, the latkes show up, then the matzos, and before you know it your back to dipping the apple in the honey and the accompanying chulents and honey cakes! Another cycle begins!


Perhaps, I can suggest fight cycle with cycle—- Bicycle. Get on yours and keep pedaling. Through each stretch of the year, use it – outside, or switch to the stationary indoor ones.  Or find your exercise of choice and keep it as part of your routine.


I’m not promising amazing results. I’m just suggesting it might give you a fighting chance to ward off some of the calories looking to bind with you year-round.


Yet, if this doesn’t speak to you – don’t sweat it! I spent some time thinking of what exercise I could incorporate year-round to keep as part of my countermeasure routine. And guess what-  mine was an immediate fail!!!!   I realized my exercise of choice is chewing!!!


So, good luck to you! And I’ll probably see you next week in the aisles of Gourmet Glatt or Pomegranate, or running not to miss the  shmorgus board at the next wedding.  Cause there’s no fighting it. That’s the inevitable cycle of our lives!!!!





Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at               917-705-2004 or

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