There’s Always an Udder Way to Look At It!


There’s Always An Udder Way To Look At It!

Milking cows, feeding chickens, or trying to catch the poaching fox, that, use to keep people pretty busy first thing in the AM. Today- it’s battling traffic, waiting in the cold for the school bus, or navigating the ins and outs of the neighborhood during carpool? I’m not sure which early morning activity strikes a more dreadful note.

Be that as it may, it’s the fact that evenings come on in full force, as well.

You’re either working late, dealing with kids’
homework and sports, carpooling, or battling traffic again!  Take your pick!

The question is – Where’s the down time – and who wants it anyway?

The minute you have too much free time on your hands you’re in trouble!

You start exploring the meaning of existence or cleaning out a closet! Both are dangerous pursuits! The process of each, has no end in sight!

Striking a balance seems to be the challenge of life.

Overly busy or under booked, neither feels comfortable!

Too much on your plate – anxiety provoking! Too little- anxiety provoking!

No one likes too much to do. And no one’s happy with too little to do.

Farm life actually starts to look good from that vantage point. If you were bored you could like….deliver a calf. No long medical training needed.

But then again, if you suddenly wanted to get away from working, all your crops might die!

There must always be an option to do some kind of work for everyone. It gives  a person self worth. But what you define and enjoy as work must be respected too.
It can be a job, of course-
Running your household-
Helping someone else-
The idea is for it to deliver self worth.

For those who are not busy enough, keep looking, don’t give up!

And for those who are overworked – Recognize it’s important for everyone to find ways to have down time. Even when you feel- I absolutely can not. Try to change that thinking. Because realize this—- often a sudden outside event certainly does make you restructure your time. Therefore, register that if you had to, you would change things up; Therefore, figure out how to create a break, on your terms!

The way not to be a victim of circumstances, is to believe!!! Believe things can change. Believe it can be different. Believe it’s always worth trying. Don’t look back, look forward! Have faith that you can make it better. Don’t live in fear of the future. Address today’s dilemma with optimism.

Be less hard on yourself and the people around you!

Be not one of little faith – because after all realize -things have changed!!! We are all getting milk at the mart now and not the udder!
So be udderly optimistic, there is always hope!





Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at               917-705-2004 or

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