There’s No Need to Pack Light!!!


Did you ever notice that whenever you’ve packed for a week trip to Israel – you might as well be going on Aliyah.


Because, you pack and pack ……and pack.


But why so much?  Some may say there are weather concerns, or you may need an extra outfit or two, you may even have decision issues? But seriously, do you need like that many choices for just one week?!


And on top of that, you take enough toiletries to single handedly open up a CVS pharmacy!  What is it -are you afraid that Israel needs another excavation just to unearth a little toothpaste or Advil for you to use?!


Also, once you get to Israel you kind of have some spiritual epiphanies that make you think —maybe I should have left more stuff at home, cause I need to be a little less materialistic.


Not that you have to feel that it’s incumbent on you to separate from your material riches.  What is good is to recognize is that you can use all those accessories to connect to your higher purpose. So, here’s what I mean:  let’s say you are wearing designer shoes and walking the streets of Jerusalem-just think this way ——only the best shoes should tread on these stones- AND Boom you’ve elevated the mundane!


In fact, if you get used to thinking like that then, the more you pack the better it is!


Another wild thing is that when you get to Israel you start to pack in even more – believe it or not?  You find yourself packing in more food then you ever thought you could digest! And more sites then you knew you wanted to see!


And that’s before you start packing in all the gifts that you just had to buy!


So, what’s the compulsion to bring so much along with you when you are leaving from home?


Is it the desire to feel whole?  Is it that we don’t feel good if we can’t look good? This is a complex question, and I’m certain that it does not have a simple answer. The good thing is that it doesn’t require an answer! The great news is that El Al controls your ability to get totally carried away! And after that who cares!  You brought what you brought!


And once you arrive in Israel, just pack in a great time. On top of that, you can unpack all that’s bothering you. Because, this is the place where spirituality is magnified. And therefore, unloading it is a gift you can capitalize on. So that, no matter how much more stuff you have in your suitcase when you go home, you still can feel a lot lighter!

Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at               917-705-2004 or

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