What Are You Hungry For?


You’ve got to be impressed with this religion. In preparation for the fast day, we have a fast day! One would have thought that one was enough in such a short time period.


The 10 days of repentance start and end with a fast day! So maybe there’s a way to look at this. Perhaps there’s a message in the not eating, like:  Don’t eat your heart out about past deeds.  Instead, just move forward and make sure to use your best efforts!


Yom Kippur looms large in our minds but larger in our stomachs. No matter how much we eat in anticipation of the day, when the morning begins everyone’s wishing for their Starbucks.


But, there’s no getting around it, the day’s menu is all about food for the soul, not for the body!


Still, what food would be good to focus on this Yom Kippur if you have to:


Lettuce – have a year of blessing!

Orange-you glad you are here to ask for another chance.

Tongue- make sure you can hold it, in the year ahead.

Noodle – use it in all your endeavors.

Mango- let “man go” from chayil to chayil!


And what should we serve up on our spiritual platters?

Be a ‘sage’, take the ‘thyme’ to review the menu of the day.


As an appetizer- recognize we all have flaws, but they can be ‘over easy’ if we apologize sincerely.


For the salad course-make sure you respect the ‘kale’ and are never an ‘iceberg’ to anyone.


As a main- make sure continuously work on making an ‘entre’ to greater heights.


And as a dessert-make sure you remember there’s always “s’more” you can do to be an even more amazing person.


This is all just some food for thought as we enter the holiest day of the year. So, let’s hope Gd cooks up a delicious year for us all! Stuffed with blessings, and topped off with a treat, jumping right out for us, the appearance of mashiach!




Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at               917-705-2004 or rivki@rosenwalds.com

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